Stoner, The Earth Sword

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 20th; Weight 3 lbs.


The Earth Sword, or "Stoner" as it has been called, is a +3 corrosive keen speed spell storing elven war blade of exquisite craftsmanship. It was carved from ironwood by the elven hero Ailondel Eushonéva a few decades before the first Great Battle using earth magic from the very land in which he had become one. The blade is engraved with an intricate pattern of floral design and golden arcane runes, the grip is bound in the hide of a green dragon, while the pommel is set with a flawless emerald. The sword is unbreakable and the blade maintains its razor edge due to the powerful enchantments placed upon it. Among the elven people, this blade has become a symbol of the strength and resilience of their race.

Long ago, a prophecy was given by one of the elven oracles. In it, she predicted that one day an out cast of elven blood, shunned by his people, and hated and hunted by his kin, would prove himself a hero, and rise to wield the blade against the enemies of the elven race.  


Having been crafted from powerful earth magic, the sword grants the wielder the following nature and earth-based spell-like abilities.

The Earth Sword gives an audible hum when wielded by an elf of the direct bloodline of Ailondel Eushonéva.


Elven School Arcana 

Should an elven wizard choose to wield the earth sword, the wizard gains access to the