Sylphs are planetouched native outsider races with a connection to the elemental plane of air. This means that they are generally light, whispy, and FAST. Their bonuses to Dexterity and Intelligence lend them strongly toward Rogues and arcane casters, but they generally can pull off any class that doesn’t depend heavily on Constitution.

Racial Traits:

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution. The boosts to Dexterity and Intelligence make sylphs naturally sneaky and excellent at arcane casting, so if there ever was a race build to be an Arcane Trickster, this would be it. They’re not very hardy, so front-line warriors in general, and Barbarians specifically, are suboptimal builds for a sylph.

Type: Sylphs are outsiders with the native subtype, so just like the other planetouched races they can’t be affected by spells and effects that target humanoids, such as enlarge person and charm person, so this is a double-edged sword. .

Size: Sylphs are the same size as humans.

Speed: Sylphs have the same base speed as humans.

Energy Resistance: