Staff of The Grand Sage

Slot none; Aura overwhelming evocation and transmutation; CL 30th; Weight 4 lbs.


This long, knotted, and intertwining staff was crafted by a powerful wizard over 2,000 years ago from the limb of the silvery-white Eushon tree. Carved with sigils and runes of power, this powerful +5 holy adamantine shod quarterstaff can be used to smite opponents, and contains an enormous array of spells and powers. Unlike a normal staff, the staff of the great sage holds only 25 charges, but regains charges at the rate of 1 charge per day, as long as 1 charge remains. It cannot be recharged normally. While some of its powers use charges, others do not. The staff of the great sage does not lose its powers if it runs out of charges. 


Basic Abilities legendary power (8/day), legendary surge (+1d20; concentration and caster level checks), mythic bond.

Advanced Abilities eternal bond (arcane spellcaster only), foe-biter, metamagician, powerful (x3), returning, undetectable, unstoppable 

strike, upgradable.


If 1 charge is expended (a free action), the staff deals double damage (x3 on a critical hit) for 1 round. 

The staff of the grand sage also possesses a number of spell-like powers. The following powers do not use charges: