Baraket, Sword of Pride

Aura strong illusion; CL 16th; Slot none; Weight 2 lbs.


Runelord Xanderghul had intended to personally wield the blade crafted by his servants at Runeforge. For weeks he studied the weapon, and though he would never admit a personal failing, he found his martial skills lacking. For a time he sought to further ensorcell the blade to allow it to wield itself, or create a simulacrum swordsman to wield it, but ultimately he settled on enslaving a peerless creature to serve as his guardian. The runelord conjured a princess of the ghaele azatas to his court, and for years subtly courted her while wrapping her in a phantasmagoria of masterful illusions and deceptions, twisting her perception of reality until she accepted the runelord as her master. Baraket rose as one of the most unlikely of the runelords' champions, a deceived celestial being whose consciousness lingered on even after she was slain over a century later by the agents of the empyreal lord Chadali—emissaries attempting to liberate her.

Although known as the Sword of Pride, in appearances, Baraket is nothing more than an elegant basket hilt seemingly made of glass or highly polished crystal with no blade, as the deadly length of this +5 spell storing speed rapier is invisible. Baraket grants its wielder a +5 bonus on