Umbral Channel (Channeling)

Targets of your channel energy ability are cloaked in darkness.

Prerequisite: Channel energy 3d6, worshipper of a god of darkness or the night.

Benefit: When you channel energy to deal damage, those you harm radiate darkness in a 10-foot radius, reducing illumination similar to the effects of the darkness spell. This effect lasts for 1 minute per cleric level. Nonmagical sources of light, such as torches or lanterns, do not increase the light level in this area. Magical light sources only increase the light level around a creature affected by Umbral Channel if they are of a higher level than the cleric. This effect does not stack with itself or with any other effect that creates darkness. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack, but they do reset the effect's duration. A creature can only be under the effects from one instance of this channel effect at a time.