Lost Goddess of the Sun, Prophecy, and Revelation (Cleric 20/Oracle 10/Hierophant 10)

Lady of the Light, Daughter of the Sun

Portfolio The sun, prophecy, revelation, destruction of undead

Typical Worshipers Clerics, oracles, paladins, rulers, the pure in heart

Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral good

Domains Glory, Good, Nobility, Repose, Sun

Symbol Golden triangle or sunburst with an all-seeing eye

Favored Weapon Khopesh

Alternative Names Anumeh Ramatekt (Avatar, female half-celestial human Cleric 20 of Solstriss/Oracle 10/Hierophant 10)

Solstriss (SOL-stris) was the daughter of Seker and the original goddess of the sun (light), but because of Korroth's betrayal of the entire Stonehelm Pantheon, he was imprisoned by the three greater gods (Seker, Arbiter, and Kerr) in a special box prison, never to escape. For this to happen, another god would need to willingly sacrifice him or herself to balance out the power among the gods. Solstriss, Goddess of the Sun, Prophecy, and Revelation volunteered. However, during the process of imprisonment, a portion of Korroth's essence was able to escape, and has roamed the world ever since, causing disharmony, war, and contention among the nations. Likewise, Solstriss, knowing in a dream what Korroth would do, she relinquished her godhood to become a mortal avatar of her former self, taking the name of Amuneh Ramatek. This allowed most of her power to be captured within the box, but she kept