We Be Goblins Free! Extra Pregens

Here we have extra pregens for the famous goblin adventurers Ekkie and Ranzak, as well as a stat block for the mighty Squealy Nord!

To use Ranzak, you'll also need some information on the abilities that his archetype, the raider, gives him. Note that I've only written up through level 4 abilities for his archetype so far (since Ranzak is level 4):

Raider (Goblin Swashbuckler Archetype)

Skills: A raider gains Disable Device and Survival as class skills. Diplomacy and Intimidate are not class skills for a raider.


The raider gains the following deeds, each of which replaces an existing deed.

Getouttatheway! (Ex): At 1st level, when an opponent makes a melee attack against the raider and the raider has an ally adjacent to him, he can as an immediate action spend 1 panache point to switch places with that ally. When he does so, the attack instead targets the ally he switched places with, and that ally gains a +2 Dodge bonus to his AC against that attack. This replaces opportune parry and riposte.

You First! (Ex): At 3rd level, when the raider would take damage from a trap and there is a creature adjacent to him, he can as an immediate action spend 1 panache point to maneuver behind that creature. That creature takes a -2 penalty to AC and  Reflex saves against the trap, and the raider gains a +2 Dodge bonus to AC and a +2 to Reflex saves against the trap. This replaces kip-up.

Treasure! (Ex): At 3rd level, the raider gains a +4 bonus to Perception checks to find valuable items when searching an area, and an equal bonus to Appraise checks to determine the value of those items. This may include weapons and armor of masterwork quality or greater, any magic items, gems and coins, or anything else the GM deems valuable to the raider’s sensibilities. This replaces menacing swordplay.

Not Me! (Ex):