Animated Objects

An animated object’s size and abilities are determined by the war animator’s level and by the choices made using his construction pool. Table: Animated Object Statistics Base Statistics determine some of the base statistics of the animated object. Each animated object also possesses a base form according to its size, in addition to these base statistics (see Animated Objects in the Bestiary). Animated objects are considered constructs for the purpose of determining which spells affect them.

Size: This is the object’s size and determines its base form statistics (see Animated Object in the Bestiary).

Sample Object: This is the standard type of object of the object’s size.

Hit Dice: This is the number of Hit Dice (d10) and bonus hit points of the object.

Max Points: This is the maximum number of points that the war animator can spend on an individual object.

Max Points: This is the maximum number of flaws that the war animator can bestow upon an individual object.

Table: Animated Object Base Statistics


The war animator receives a number of points that can be spent to give his animated objects new abilities, powers, and other upgrades. These abilities are called upgrades, and can be added whenever the war animator uses his animate object ability. Some upgrades require that the animated objects meet certain requirements before they can be chosen.

A number of upgrades grant an animated object additional natural attacks. Natural attacks listed as primary are made using the animated object’s full base attack bonus and add the animated object’s Strength on damage rolls. Natural attacks listed as secondary are made using the object’s base attack bonus – 5 and add 1/2 the animated object’s Strength modifier on damage rolls (if positive). If the animated object only has a single natural attack, the attack is made using its full base attack bonus and it adds 1-1/2 times its Strength modifier on damage rolls made with that attack, regardless of the attack’s type.

Upgrades are grouped by their cost in construction points. Unless otherwise noted, each upgrade can only be selected once per animated object. A war animator may choose from the following list of upgrades specific to his animated objects and are arranged according to their construction point costs.

1-Point Upgrades

The following upgrades cost 1 point from the war animator’s construction pool.

Additional Attack (Ex): The object gains an additional slam attack.

Additional Movement (Ex): The object gains a new mode of movement (burrow, climb, fly [clumsy], or swim) at a speed equal to its base speed.

Additional Natural Attack (Ex)