Invidian Eye

Aura strong abjuration and divination; CL 20th Slot neck; Weight 1 lb.


A dazzling diamond glitters within this amulet's dark metal setting, its designs reminiscent of fangs and chains.

The Invidian Eye rewards devotion and punishes betrayal. When first given to a creature, the necklace recognizes members of the creature's race and gender—but not a specific individual—as its owner. The owner automatically fails any saving throw made to resist the effects of divination magic, but the necklace seeks to protect the owner against danger, reactively casting spells to defend its wearer against effects that compromise her control. The spells the amulet can cast (and when it does so) include freedom (in response to imprisonment, petrification, paralysis, and similar effects described by this spell), greater dispel magic (in response to any fear or