Heir Ascetic (Monk/Summoner)

(Original Concept by Vero)

Primary Class: Monk.

Secondary Class: Summoner.

Alignment: Any nonchaotic.

Hit Dice: d8.

Bonus Skills and Ranks: The heir ascetic selects three summoner skills to add to his class skills in addition to the normal monk class skills. The heir ascetic gains a number of ranks at each level equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The heir ascetic is proficient with all simple weapons, plus the handaxe, kama, nunchaku, sai, short sword, shuriken, siangham, and temple sword*. The heir ascetic is not proficient with any armor or shields. When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, an heir ascetic loses his AC bonus and his fast movement ability. (*Advanced Player’s Guide)

True Lineage (Ex): An heir ascetic’s true self has erroneously been fused with his corporeal form. By some twist of fate, the spirit of a dragon (chromatic or metallic), magical beast, or an outsider (celestial or fiend) has come to inhabit his natural body (human, elf, or other humanoid race). Although an heir ascetic appears normal for one of his race, there are outward signs of his true heritage and eventual destiny. This true lineage grants an heir ascetic the ability to assume the base form of his true self. An heir ascetic can assume his base form a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier, as a standard action. An heir ascetic can assume his base form for a number of minutes per day equal to his level + his Charisma modifier. These minutes do not need to be consecutive. While in his base form (including evolutions), the heir ascetic’s maximum number of attacks per round with natural weapons may not exceed that of his base attack bonus. For the purpose of these attacks, the heir ascetic’s base attack bonus is equal to his heir ascetic level, as shown under Natural Attacks on Table: Heir Ascetic. For all other purposes, such as qualifying for a feat or a prestige class, the heir ascetic uses his normal base attack bonus. This ability replaces stunning strike, flurry of blows, and slow fall.

At 1st level, an heir ascetic gains the ability to assume the base form (see Base Forms in the Eidolon entry of the Summoner class description) of his true lineage. 

Dragon: The heir ascetic can assume the serpentine base form and gains darkvision 60 feet. He must also select a one of the following dragon types and an associated subtype as his true lineage: chromatic (black, blue, green, red, white) or metallic (brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver).

Magical Beast: The heir ascetic can assume the quadruped base form, and gains darkvision 60 feet and low-light vision.