Prophet of Kalistrade

Any fool off the street can earn a few copper pieces for his labor, but the white-gloved leaders of Druma know that the only true path to success is that set forth in the Prophecies of Kalistrade, a series of directives that detail a strict regimen believers must follow in order to achieve wealth and prosperity. Such prohibitions include abstaining from several kinds of meat, most sexual activity, and virtually all physical contact with other people (wearing full-length white gloves in public to avoid inadvertent touching).

Despite their eccentric ways, none can deny that in many cases the strictures of Kalistrade seem to lead their adherents to great wealth. The intense strength of will needed to follow the Prophecies of Kalistrade seems to shape the prophets into preternaturally calm and focused individuals who are as ruthless in the market as they are skilled at twisting words and formulating elaborate loopholes in contracts.

Prophet of Kalistrade Class Details

Hit Die: d8.


To qualify to become a prophet of Kalistrade, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria.