Orin Stoneforger

God of Earth and Metallurgy (Fighter 20/Warpriest 20)

Father of Dwarvenkind, The Great Forger of the World

Portfolio Earth, metallurgy, creation, artisans, dwarves

Typical Worshipers Fighters, blacksmiths, masons, miners

Typical Worshiper Alignment Lawful Good

Domains Artifice, Dwarf*, Earth, Good, Law, Rune

Symbol Crowned helm with crossed waraxes

Favored Weapon Dwarven waraxe

Alternative Names Falgar Granitehand (gnomes)

Orin Stoneforger (OR-in STOHN-for-jur) appears as a stocky, oversized dwarf with keen, jade colored eyes and auburn hair, with aubrun mustaches and a beard woven into elaborate braids that's tucked into his belt. He wears +5 delving heavy fortitude invulnerability dwarven full plate with dwarven runes scribed all over its surface, a dwarven helm, and a