Elan Valdarin

God of the Feywild and Fey Magic (Magus 20/Ranger 20)

Father of Elvenkind, The Great Hunter

Portfolio The feywild, fey magic, music, dance, elves

Typical Worshipers Druids, hunters, rangers, shamans, elves

Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic Good

Domains Chaos, Charm, Elf*, Good, Magic, Travel

Symbol Three gold eushon leaves and glowing sword

Favored Weapon Elven curve blade

Alternative Names Yalar Tendervine (fey creatures), Zanimur Glamerdust (gnomes)

Elan Valdarin (AY-lahn val-DAR-in) appears as a tall, attractive, and powerfully built male elf with wavy, silvery-gold hair and amber eyes. He wears a suit of +5 creeping spell resistance (25) elven mithral full plate of speed. Over this, he wears a green and gold tunic that functions a tunic of careful casting and a ring of the chameleon