Wand Prestige

You are trained in the art of enchanting the mind and skilled performances, all with a flair of magical showmanship. With the flick of your wand you can place creatures under your control, implant mental suggestions, free others from bondage, or move objects across the room with a mere thought.

Prestige Skill Focus

Disable Device, Perform, and Sleight of Hand.

Prestige Spells

snapdragon fireworks (3rd), daze monster (6th), suggestion (9th), charm monster (12th), telekinesis (15th), geas/quest (18th).

Prestige Tricks 

You can choose from the Combat Casting, Deft Hands, Prodigy, or Skill Focus feats, or the Coax Information, Convincing Lie, Deft Palm, Combat Swipe, Fast Fingers, or Honeyed Words rogue talents whenever you gain a prestige trick. At 10th level, you add the Skill Mastery advanced talents to the list of rogue talents you can choose.

Prestige Powers