Scrounger (Halfling, Rogue Archetype)

At one time or another, everyone finds themselves in sticky situations that require specific items that would enable them to survive their predicament. When faced with such dilemmas, nearly anyone would give their right arm and more to have what the need on hand. However, the odds of having exactly what they need at the time they need it is often beyond even the greatest chances of providence. Enter the scrounger. Scroungers are halflings that are naturally prone to acquiring what is needed by any means necessary-whether through bartering, pilfering, or salvaging that which has been left behind. While often accused of stealing (and rightfully so), scroungers primarily seek for what they need from street hagglers, abandoned wagon trains, even forgotten ruins. Class Features The scrounger has the following class features. Pocket Grab (Ex)

As a scrounger travels, she begins to acquire a variety of objects, most often through trade, purchase, or pilfering. As such, a scrounger rarely knows exactly what she has upon his person, with the exception of a few important items. As a standard action, a scrounger can pull out an item from a pocket or pouch at random. When doing so, she uses the Pocket Grab table below to determine the result. At 4th level, a scrounger may add or subtract her scrounger level to her roll to determine what object she grabs, if it is to her benefit. A result of 00 on the table must be rolled naturally. At 7th level, a scrounger can make a pocket grab as a swift action. This ability replaces trapfinding.

Table: Pocket Grab

Common Items

Uncommon Items   

Rare Items   

Super Rare Items