Necromancy Academy

The dread and feared necromancy academy trains warmages to command undead and use the foul power of unlife against their enemies.

Academy Powers

The necromancy academy grants the following powers.

Power Over Undead (Su): At 1st level, you receive Command Undead or Turn Undead as a bonus feat. You can expend 1 use of your academy power ability to channel energy like a cleric, but only to use the selected feat. You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Extra Channel and Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Elemental Channel and Alignment Channel. The DC to save against these feats is equal to 10 + 1/2 your warmage level + your Charisma modifier.

Grave Touch (Sp): At 3rd level, as a standard action, you can expend 1 use of your academy power ability to make a melee touch attack that causes a living creature to become shaken for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your warmage level (minimum 1). If you touch a shaken creature with this ability, it becomes frightened for 1 round if it has fewer Hit Dice than your warmage level.

Life Sight (Su): At 10th level, you gain blindsight to a range of 10 feet for a number of rounds per day equal to your warmage level. This ability only allows you to detect living creatures and undead creatures. This sight also tells you whether a creature is living or undead. Constructs and other creatures that are neither living nor undead cannot be seen with this ability. The range of this ability increases by 10 feet at 13th level, and by an additional 10 feet for every three levels beyond 13th. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Academy Spells

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