Dark Necromancy

The most common path of the necromantic arts is the dark path. Dark path necromages, or simply dark necromages, seek to become one with the powers of unlife that they employ. While these foul practitioners rarely begin their arcane careers in darkness, their evil desires for power often allow the taint of the grave to infect their souls. Whether it is controlling or creating undead, the powers of death dwell within the dark path necromage and infuse his every action.


Any nongood.

Bonus Spells

chill touch (3rd), ray of enfeeblement (6th), contagion (9th), enervation (12th), inflict critical wounds (15th), control undead (18th).

Path Abilities

A dark path necromage can call upon the foul powers of the afterlife. The more he draws upon them, the closer he comes to becoming one of the fallen undead.