Relics of Kazavon

For centuries, the name “Kazavon” has conjured images of violence and dread, a legend of cruelty rooted all too firmly in truth. In 4043 ar, Kazavon, the saviorgeneral of Ustalav, scattered the orcs of Belkzen and tamed a frontier for sane and civilized men. In 4058, the hero Mandraivus and an alliance of noble warriors cut down the butcher Kazavon, beheading a fledgling nation of terrors and putting an end to a time of bleakness and atrocity. And for much of the world, so the age of a maniacal tyrant came to a close. Yet for the scions of Mandraivus and his allies—those left to watch in their forbearers’ wake—the evil of Kazavon did not end there.

The Seven Relics of Kazavon

Seven blasphemous artifacts compose the Relics of Kazavon, all crafted from the remains of the dreaded wyrm Kazavon, and all bearing sentient fragments of Kazavon's foul spirit. Each relic is a potent intelligent artifact in its own right, but if collected, they reveal the lingering essence of the infamous dragon