Decemvirate Helm

Aura strong abjuration; CL 20th Slot head; Weight 3 lbs.


The members of the Pathfinder Society's administrative body, the Decemvirate, retain their anonymity by wearing close-faced, magically empowered helmets while fulfilling their official roles. The helms not only mask the wearers' faces, but also function as helms of telepathy combined with amulets of proof against detection and location. The wearer of a Decemvirate helm can use disguise self at will and benefits from discern lies and true seeing at all times. The helm provides 100% protection from all gaze attacks and all forms of magical control. Specific Decemvirate helms may have additional powers and all are said to be unique in physical appearance.


Whatever their original purpose, Decemvirate helms seem designed to function as mantles of office. If one of these helms is worn by five or more individuals in one 24-hour period, it ceases to function for 1 day. If it is again worn by five or more individuals within 24 hours of regaining its properties, the helm permanently loses its magic properties.