Gnomish Illusionist (Gnome, Wizard Archetype)

Masters of illusory magic, the gnomish illusionist bends arcane energies into realistic images and hypnotic patterns meant to deceive the viewer’s senses into believing they are real. Class Features The gnomish illusionist has the following class features. Arcane School (Su)

A gnomish illusionist must select the Illusion arcane school as his chosen school and the Evocation and Necromancy schools as his opposition schools. Illusory Knowledge (Ex)

A gnomish illusionist adds half his class level (minimum 1) to all Bluff, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, and Use Magical Device skill checks pertaining to tricks and spells of the illusion school, and can make all Use Magic Device checks made with illusion items untrained. This ability and vigilant observer replace arcane bond.

Vigilant Observer (Su)

At 2nd level, a gnomish illusionist becomes resistant to illusion spells cast by others, and to hand illusions and visual trickery performed with the Sleight of Hand skill in general. The gnomish illusionist gains a +4 bonus on saving throws made against illusion spells, and gains a +4 competence bonus on Perception skill checks made to oppose Sleight of Hand and Stealth checks, or to find a hidden trap, or a concealed or secret door.

Effortless Trickery (Ex)

At 5th level, a gnomish illusionist gains Effortless Trickery as a bonus feat. This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 5th level.

Quick Illusions (Su)

At 7th level, a gnomish illusionist can spontaneously cast an illusion spell he has prepared as if it had been prepared using the Quicken Spell metamagic feat. Using this ability expends a prepared spell equal to the level of the chosen illusion spell plus the level adjustment for a quickened spell. For example, a gnomish illusionist that casts mirror image (a 2nd level spell) as a quickened spell must expend a 6th level prepared spell. This does not expend the original prepared illusion spell. At 7th level, the gnomish illusionist can use this ability once per day, plus an additional time per day every six levels thereafter, up to a maximum of three times per day at 19th level. This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 15th level.

Intricate Illusions (Ex)

At 11th level, the illusions of a gnomish illusionist become more intricate and difficult to disbelieve. The save DC of any illusion spell cast by the gnomish illusionist increases by 2. This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 11th level.

Deadly Illusions (Su)

At 17th level, the illusions of a gnomish illusionist are extremely real and life-like. Any illusion spell that deals damage deals an ad