The first half-minotaurs were the result of magically joining minotaurs with humans. Created many centuries ago as slaves to a powerful and evil sorcerer, the half-minotaurs have multiplied, and thrived in a remote mountain range, even creating a small nation of their kind among the native stones. Because of this magical union of human and minotaur, half-minotaurs are less powerful, but more clever and rational than their brutal, erratic cousins, making them fearsome foes indeed. They have a highly developed culture based upon their militant nature. Warriors hold the most prominent positions in their society, while priests and arcane spellcasters also hold positions of high standing. The half-minotaurs are a nation of strong-willed warriors with a reputation of being great military tacticians, metalsmiths, and respectable arms dealers throughout the region.

Physical Description: Half-minotuars possess the large, powerful physiques of their kin, but are smaller in stature, standing about 7 feet tall. They have the characteristic bovine heads and great horns of the race, a lust for battle, but are far more intelligent and disciplined than normal minotaurs. Their fur ranges in color from black, dark brown, tan, and gray, to light brown, rust, and white. Their eyes are typically brown, though blue or green do occasionally occur. Half-minotaurs favor sturdy clothes of simple design.

Society: Half-minotaurs construct vast cities of stone with near impenetrable defenses; high walls, tall towers, and such. They are ruled by their leader, the Horned Emperor, with an assembly of clan lords called the High Council who serve as both the war and political council. Individual clan lords speak for their clans and function as military officers during times of war. Half-minotaurs are trained from youth to wield a weapon with devastating effect. As warriors they display strength, discipline, and place their personal honor and the honor of their clans above all things, save the good of the empire. Warriors are held in greater esteem, for they live by the sword, and daily put their lives on the line to protect them.