White Necromancy

While most necromages are foul and twisted practitioners of the necromantic arts, a necromage of the white path embraces the knowledge that true necromancy involves tapping the powers of life as well as death and unlife. White path necromages study the mysterious connection between life and death, but do not walk the same evil paths as traditional necromages (or dark path necromages, as they are known among white path necromages). Instead, white path necromages honor the dead and seek to aid the living through their necromantic magic. They have gained a deep and profound understanding of life’s eternal cycle, which makes them potent healers as well as powerful spellcasters.


Any nonevil.

Evil Necromancy Spells

White path necromages, particularly those of good alignment, are extremely reluctant to cast evil necromancy spells (spells of the necromancy school with the evil descriptor). They are not strictly forbidden from doing so, however, and may occasionally cast such spells if the need is sufficiently great. When a white path necromage casts an evil necromancy spell, he uses up two spell slots of that level.

White Necromancy (Su)

Starting at 4th level, whenever a white path necromage casts a spell or uses a spell-like ability that creates undead (see Call of the Grave), it loses the Evil descriptor. Such spells no longer cost two spell slots of that level (as noted under Evil Necromancy Spells). In addition, undead resulting from white necromancy exactly match the white path necromage’s alignment.

The white path necromage gains no specific control over undead created using white necromancy, although he may ask the undead to provide some service or otherwise assist him. To make such a request, the white necromage must make a special Diplomacy check, rolling 1d20 + white necromage level + Charisma modifier. Undead creatures created through white necromancy have DC 15 + its Charisma modifier and a starting attitude of friendly. The white necromage must treat the undead with honor and respect at all times, in many cases agreeing to release the undead once the service or task has been completed.

Intelligent undead created through white necromancy mig