Spheres of Influence

Deities embody a core set of values, concepts, and ideals, and it is these principles that form the basis for their domains. However, there are deeper and greater secrets hidden from divine servants for centuries. This hidden knowledge has been unearthed by divine erudites called vicars and is granted vast powers and abilities which they employ on behalf of the gods. Far more comprehensive and profound than the domains granted to clerics and other divine spellcasters, spheres of influence determine the spells a vicar can cast and the powers he can use, while also granting additional class skills, armor or weapon proficiencies, bonus feats, and other special abilities.

Presented below are the spheres of influence—more comprehensive and robust domain descriptions that allow players greater flexibility in customizing their characters. Every sphere has a number of granted powers associated with it, and a list of spells that the player uses to determine his spell list. Spheres of influence correspond directly to the domains granted by a particular deity, and often include granted powers from specific domains and their subdomains, as well as those found in related warpriest blessings and oracle mysteries.

Spheres of Influence

Air Sphere

All Sphere

Animal Sphere

Artifice Sphere