God of Blood and Turmoil (Bloodrager 20/Shaman 20)

Creator of Orckind, Bringer of Bloody Battle and Conflict

Portfolio Blood, conquest, destruction, turmoil, orcs

Typical Worshipers Barbarians, bloodragers, shamans, conquerors, tyrants, orcs 

Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic Evil

Domains Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Orc*, Strength, War

Symbol Black triangle with a red border and eye

Favored Weapon Earth breaker

Alternative Names Oruush (orcs)

Vulgosh (VUL-gosh) appears as powerful, a drab-skinned, tattooed orc with white tusks, blood red eyes, and black dreadlocks. He wears a suit of +5 bloodthirsty grinding heavy fortification black orcish half-plate with blood-red sigils, a +5 heavy blood-red fur cloak of protection, and black iron-shod boots that function as