Shinobi Brewmaster (Ninja/Alchemist)

Among the secretive clans of the ninja are those skilled in the mystic science of alchemy. By diverting from her studies of the hidden arts of stealth and camouflage, the shinobi brewmaster employs both bombs and her limited extracts to deadly effect. Occasionally seen as deficient by other members of the clan, it is the shinobi brewmaster that is often given vital tasks on behalf of the clan leader, such a destroying a key instillation belonging to a rival clan, assassinating a prominent merchant, or infiltrating the staff of a ruling lord. Regardless of the view of others, the shinobi brewmaster deems himself an integral part of his clan due to the unusual skill set he employs. (Original Concept by Elghinn Lightbringer)

Primary Class: Ninja.

Secondary Class: Alchemist.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Dice: d8.

Bonus Skills and Ranks: The shinobi brewmaster can select three alchemist skills to add to his list of class skills in addition to normal ninja class skills, one of which must be Craft (alchemy). The shinobi brewmaster gains a number of ranks at each level equal to 6 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The shinobi brewmaster is proficient with all simple weapons and bombs, plus the kama, katana, kusarigama, nunchaku, sai, shortbow, short sword, shuriken, siangham, and wakizashi. The shinobi brewmaster is proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Alchemy (Ex): At 1st level, a shinobi brewmaster gains the alchemist’s alchemy ability, except that he can only use his Craft (alchemy) to create mundane alchemical items.

Sneak Attack: This is exactly like the ninja ability of the same name, except that this extra dam