Quicklings are a race of small and malevolent feyfolk, cousins of the more friendly and reclusive brownies, sprites, and pixies of the forest realms. Intelligent and cunning, quicklings are constantly devising plans to gain victory over their enemies, often playing nasty tricks and causing as much mischief as possible among adventurers in attempts to drive them from their lands. Since quicklings tend to stay hidden from strangers, this has resulted in their being considered nothing more than a myth. Of course, those who have fell prey to these vicious little creatures would say otherwise. Physical Qualities: Quicklings are a tiny race of feyfolk with lithe athletic physiques that stand just over 2 to 2–1/2 feet tall and weigh 15 pounds. They have chiseled facial features, large pointed ears, pale blue-white skin, silver or white hair, and a range of eye colors, with violet and amber being the rarest. Quicklings favor extravagant clothing, such as silver-buttoned vests, silk capes, and velvet leggings of black silver, or other bright colors. However, they abhor armor since it hinders their movement and agility. Quicklings mature very quickly. They reach adulthood at one year old, and age at nearly ten times the rate of humans. Most quicklings do not live beyond the age of nine, with the eldest members of the race living to be 12 years of age.

Society: Quicklings prefer to make their homes in deep, lightless forests, and gather in extended family units. These families are always lead by the most powerful member of their family. They live in hidden burrows located beneath the roots of mighty trees, such as ancient oaks, great furs, or massive redwoods. These burrows are often situated near groves containing a variety of berry bushes and shrubs. It is these berries which they use to concoct their potent berry wines. The groves are always well tended and lush in appearance, for, despite their malicious character they are true fey creatures, fiercely protecting the natural environment within their keeping.

Relations: As feyfolk, quicklings live in harmony with the natural world, despite being corrupted by dark powers. Thus, they get along well with animals, and other feyfolk like themselves, such as pixies, and sprites. Half-orcs are often vicious and cruel, and share these qualities with quicklings, earning their respect and even friendship at times. Elves distrust and hate these creatures, despite their being part of the natural world, though quicklings enjoy their company and respect their love of nature. Gnomes, halflings, and humans have little dealings with them, while they altogether avoid the grumbling dwarves, for they see them as hard and immovable as the stone they love.

Alignment and Religion: Quicklings are cruel and malevolent. Even though they are typically chaotic evil, they are pranksters and protectors of the forests at heart. Quicklings are not devout by nature, for it would require too much focus of their time and energy. However, they do offer prayers to whatever god they may need a boon from at the time. Most often they give token devotion to gods of stealth, thieves,