Goddess of Stealth and Luck (Rogue 20/Slayer 20)

The Shadow Walker, The Luck Bringer

Portfolio Stealth, thievery, luck, moon

Typical Worshipers Rogues, slayers, vigilantes, sailors, smugglers

Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic neutral

Domains Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Travel, Trickery

Symbol Crossed studded black gloves holding daggers

Favored Weapon Rapier

Alternative Names Mendalthas (drow, elves), Paylan Quickhand (halfling)

Éna (AY-nuh) typically appears as an alluring and charismatic human or elven female with short trimmed, wavy black hair with swooping bangs, piercing blue or green eyes, and wearing an elegant shirt and pair of pants of absolute black that function as +5 etherealness ghost touch greater shadow greater slick quilted cloth armor. She also wears a ring of protection +5