The Titimanukwa (The People of the Sun)

The Titimanukwa (tee-tee-män’-oo-kway) live in the harsh, tropical desert region of Assentia. The outer regions of the desert is similar to that of Africa savannahs (hot, humid, with sparse plant life and trees), while the inner portion is similar to the deserts of Arabia (hot, dry and deadly). The Titimanukwa have developed the perfect and most well adapted dwellings for their land. They live in medium sized clay or adobe houses, which shelter only one family each. These structures come in two forms; either large, round, one room clay brick homes with wooden framework and palm leaf thatched roofs (outer regions), or cubical homes built completely of clay with multiple levels (inner region). Desert wanderers dwell in hide tents like the nomads of the Middle Eastern countries. Regardless of locale, all the Titimanakwa travel by foot, camel, chariot, or desert horses which resemble the white Arabians of the Sheiks.

Real World Association: Arabian tribes, ancient Arabian cities

Capital: Shanu-Ebesh

Regional Population: 7,240

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Roth

Dragon Sponsors: Blue, brass, magma

Tribal Information