Tannaris, Sword of Envy

Aura strong abjuration; CL 16th; Slot none; Weight 7 lbs.


One of the early bearers of the title Runelord of Envy, Runelord Tannaris sought to master every pursuit he applied himself to, harboring vicious jealously toward experts of fields he'd not personally conquered. Unwilling to let the skills of others exceed him in any capacity, Tannaris sought to prove his bloodline's endless potential, and upon having his first son left him in the care of Edasseril's most talented weapons masters. Raised to be a champion of envy—and a strong host for Tannaris's consciousness should such ever be needed—the child, named Tannaris as well, grew along the paths the runelord dictated, becoming both a phenomenally skilled warrior and devoted bodyguard to his father, eventually accepting his lord's newly crafted dispelling blade. Yet for all his son's talents, Runelord Tannaris could not share in his offspring's accomplishments, and grew resentful of his skills. Finally the runelord attempted to murder his son, but Tannaris the swordsman was prepared. Expecting his father's betrayal, he was able to catch the runelord off guard and instigate a lengthy battle that left both slain. Yet one consciousness remained, trapped within the blade of the champion of envy, though it remains unclear whether it is the intellect of the fallen soldier or the scheming mind of his runelord father.

A purely cosmetic magical effect causes the elegant blade of this +5 defending bastard sword to cycle through distinctive colors and textures, making it appear to be crafted from massive pieces of gemstone, coral, or precious metals. When used to augment the wielder's Armor Class, the sword's enhancement bonus does not cease augmenting attacks and damage. Additionally, whenever Tannaris strikes a creature under the effects of a spell, the target must succeed at a DC 20 Will