Damiel (Iconic Alchemist 12 - Alternate Build)

A handsome elvish man, barring the wild appearance of his bloodshot eyes, the man before you wears leathers and carries countless vials of strange-looking liquids. He tips one of these vials to his lips, then a gutteral growl emerges from his chest as he sneers at you. His features become more bestial, his movements quicken, and his eyes fill with fire and hatred.

Alternate Build

Damiel’s description on his Meet the Iconics page mentions that he has begun taking on a different, more feral personality when using his Mutagen, which strongly suggests that he is now a member of the Master Chymist prestige class. Therefore, we’ve provided a build for Damiel that uses this prestige class.

Beast of the Change (Iconic Alchemist 12)

CR 12

Fan Content

XP 19,200

Male Elf Alchemist 8 /