Incendiary Arcanist (Arcanist/Alchemist)

An incendiary arcanist strives to fuse the consistent techniques of his arcane spellcasting with the volatile science of creating bombs. Unlike the alchemist, the incendiary arcanist uses the arcane energies at his disposable to modify and enhance the effects of these explosive devices and increase the power of their detonation. In addition to his arcane bombs, the incendiary arcanist also employs use of extracts to enhance his arcane capabilities. The incendiary arcanist is essentially a primary spellcaster that can support his allies in combat with ranged incendiaries or with spell effects through extracts, should he exhaust his complement of his spells, or require different tactics to defeat his foe. 

Primary Class: Arcanist

Secondary Class: Alchemist

Alignment: Any

Hit Dice: d6

Bonus Skills and Ranks: The incendiary arcanist may select three alchemist skills to add to her class skills in addition to the normal arcanist class skills. The incendiary arcanist gains a number of ranks at each level equal to 2 + Int modifier.

Table: Incendiary Arcanist