Chemaniac Bloodline

You come from a long line of crazed master chemists, who over long hours found ways to create gold from lead, life from salty mucus, and even the great mystery of splitting what some have called the atom (whatever that is). All you really understand is that they inhaled a lot of noxious fumes, thereby granting their offspring strange eldritch powers. This bloodline complements the Mad Bomber multiclass archetype.

Class Skill: Knowledge (arcana).

Bonus Spells: grease (3rd), resist energy (5th), fireball (7th), stoneskin (9th), fluid form** (11th), monstrous physique IV † (13th), insanity (15th), polymorph any object (17th), meteor swarm (19th). (*Advanced Player’s Guide, **Ultimate Magic)

Bonus Feats: Bouncing Spell, Brew Potion, Empower Spell, Great Fortitude, Improved Sunder, Lightning Reflexes, Maximize Spell, Skill Focus (Craft Alchemy).

Bloodline Arcana: You have a deep, instinctive understanding of chemistry which affords you a bonus on all Craft (alchemy) checks equal to 1/2 your sorcerer level.

Bloodline Powers: Although you aren’t well known for your wisdom or common sense when it comes to things with a high volatility, your mistakes have afforded you great power and turned many a failure into a success.

Pyromania (Sp): Starting at 1st level, you can create a small fire at a range of 25 feet + 5 feet per 2 caster levels. This fiery conflagration has a 5 ft-radius. Objects within this radius catch fire immediat