Dawnflower Dissident

The church of Sarenrae is known across Golarion for its benevolence. In some regions, it is a faith that seeks little more than the succor and relief of suffering wherever it can be found, a warming and cleansing flame that banishes chill, darkness, and despair. Elsewhere, Sarenrae's faith is a flame that not only cleanses but scourges the wicked, seeing injustice and cruelty as a wound that must be cauterized. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a faith built upon such incandescent passion and verve, the servants of Sarenrae don't always agree on the best methods to carry out their goddess's will, and their disagreements become heated, often to the point of violent conflict.

Dawnflower dissidents arise to deal with schism and heresy within their own faith, seeking either to expunge or heal the divisions that plague their religion. In order to avoid identification by hostile eyes, Dawnflower dissidents must constantly work in secret, and eschew holy symbols for more discreet shows of faith, such as tattoos or well-hidden pieces of jewelry.

Dawnflower Dissident Class Details

Hit Die: d8.