Artificer's Adhesive

Level Artificer 6

Construction Time 2 days

Cost 1,200 gp (per ounce)

Item Slot —; Weight

Magical Item Equivalent Sovereign glue (CL 20th)

This bonding agent is made by mixing two thick and viscous components together–one amber and one clear. The two vials of these substances can combined to create 7 ounces of the artificer’s adhesive. One ounce of this adhesive covers 1 square foot of surface, bonding virtually any two substances together in a permanent union. The adhesive takes 1 round to set. If the objects are pulled apart (a move action) before that time has elapsed, that application of the adhesive loses its stickiness and is worthless. If the adhesive is allowed to set, then attempting to separate the two bonded objects has no effect, except when true solvent or universal solvent is applied to the bond. Artificer’s adhesive dissolved by true solvent or universal solvent.