Ambra Quickfoot

Goddess of Travel and Freedom (Rogue 20/Bard 20)

Mother of Halflingkind, The Wanderer 

Portfolio Change, trade, travel, freedom, trickery, halflings

Typical Worshipers Bards, rogues, shopkeepers, tricksters

Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic Good

Domains Chaos, Community, Good, Halfling*, Healing, Liberation, Travel

Symbol Winged sandals

Favored Weapon Shortsword

Alternative Names None

Ambra Quickfoot (AM-brah KWIK-fuht) is often depicted as a beautiful and charismatic female halfling with golden hair and bright blue eyes. She tends to garb herself in +5 expeditious glamered shadow slick unbound leather armor when traveling, but uses the glamered aspect of her armor to change her appearance into any attire she desires, though the regal clothes of a prosperous merchant are her most prominent. She is always seen wearing a special pair of fancy black leather boots (function as