Lens of Galundari

Aura overwhelming abjuration; CL 22nd; Slot none; Weight 10 lbs.


Countless miniscule runes wind endlessly in and out of one another along the silver band ringing this disk of flawless glass.

At its most basic level, the Lens of Galundari functions as the focal point for an inward-facing magic circle spell of the user's choice. The magic circle varies in radius, but can hold one outsider called into its space by the spell planar binding, regardless of its size. While the lens improves the effectiveness of the spell planar binding, it does not actually cast the spell, requiring some outside agency to cast the spell while employing the lens as an additional focus component. The target of the planar binding receives its normal Will save to resist, but once it appears within the lens's magic circle, it cannot escape—the lens prevents the outsider from using its spell resistance or Charisma to escape, and locks it in