Wychfiend Wychqueen (CR 23/MR 7)

This strange extraplanar humanoid has ruddy skin covered in tattoos, glowing green eyes, pointed ears, and a long braided ponytail protruding from the back of her head and down the back of her elaborate robes. Her piercing eyes stare defiantly at you, making you feel uncomfortable, and even quiver in fear.

XP 2,457,600 (Unique)

LE Medium outsider (extraplanar, mythic, native)

Init +16; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +33


AC 48, touch 21, flat-footed 39 (+5 Dex, +6 deflection, +27 natural)

hp 322 (23d10+80 plus 46 plus 70)

Fort +17, Ref +24, Will +26; +4 vs. enchantments

DR 10/epic; Immune fear, illusions; Resist acid 15, cold 15, fire 15; SR 34


Speed 30 ft.; fly 60 ft. (good)

Melee +4 wychsteel frost vorpal scimitar +32 (1d8+9/18-20, possible sever)

Special Attacks frightening gaze, grand hex, he