This section presents stat blocks for the iconic characters (heroes and villains) of the Stonehelm Campaign setting. These statistics are built from the original player characters rather than as nonplayer characters. Each uses the epic fantasy (25 point) point buy system, and therefore has higher ability scores than a typical PC or NPC would. 

Unlike other NPCs, the characters’ wealth was only loosely determined by Table: Character Wealth by Level, and these stat blocks include items and adventuring gear specific to what the actual character had as a PC. Of course you may change, add to, or subtract from their gear to suit your campaign, and players may want to alter how the iconics spent their wealth.

Kirri Lightbringer (CR17; MR)

Farak Thunderstrike (CR; MR)

Clarn Azuremoon (CR; MR)

Baras Vi'Ettzun (CR; MR)

Varasis Gilding III (CR; MR)

Shadeem Arndall (CR; MR)

Felnick Kelwane (CR; MR)

The Black Lord (CR; MR)

Grotto (CR; MR)