Rogue Saint (Rogue/Cleric)

The rogue saint is a vision of vice. She might not even know who her patron is, but she is in touch with some higher being and this fills her with holy purpose. Or maybe it is a lower being and unholy purpose - that point is not at all clear, even to the rogue saint herself. (Original Concept by Starfox)

Primary Class: Rogue.

Secondary Class: Cleric.

Alignment: Any. Most rogue saints think of themselves as good, but this is often a self-indulgent illusion.

Hit Die: d8.

Bonus Skills and Ranks: The rogue saint may select three cleric skills to add to her class skills in addition to the normal rogue class skills. The rogue saint gains a number of ranks at each level equal to 6 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The rogue saint is proficient with all simple weapons, the battle aspergillum, rapier, sap, shortbow, and short sword. She is also proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Divine Disable (Ex): At 2nd level, a rogue saint can use Disable Device to disarm magical traps. This ability and sinner’s prayer replace trapfinding.

Sneak Channel (Su): Regardless of alignment, if a rogue saint can catch a living or undead opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from her attack, she can channel the power of her faith through her attacks to strike a vital spot for extra damage. This energy results directly from divine power and damages both living and undead as if she had simultaneously channeled positive and negative energy. It has no effect on elementals or outsiders.

The rogue saint' attack deals extra damage anytime her target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the saint of sinner flanks her target. This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and increases by 1d6 at 3rd, 7th, 9th, 13th, 15th, and 19th level, to a maximum of 7d6. Should the saint of sinner score a critical hit with a sneak channel, this extra damage is not multiplied. Ranged attacks can count as sneak channel only if the target is within 30 feet.

With a weapon that deals nonlethal damage (like a sap, whip, or an unarmed strike), a saint of sinner can still make a sneak channel attack, though the weapon deals nonlethal damage as normal.

The saint of sinner must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot and must be able to reach such a spot. A saint of sinner cannot sneak channel while striking a creature with concealment.

There is no save against the damage of sneak channel, but if there are any side effects, such as from a channeling feat or master sneak channel, the target can make a saving throw (DC of 10 + 1/2 the rogue saint + her Charisma modifier) to avoid these additional effects. This ability replaces sneak attack.

Thief’s Prayer (Ex):