Fey Eidolon

A fey eidolon is a companion of the Fey Mage and has only one base form that determines its starting size, speed, AC, attacks, and ability scores. All natural attacks are made using the eidolon’s full base attack bonus unless otherwise noted (such as in the case of secondary attacks). Unlike a normal eidolon, a fey eidolon is a finesse-based creature and its attacks add the eidolon’s Dexterity modifier to the damage roll (instead of Strength), unless it is its only attack, in which case it adds 1-1/2 times its Dexterity modifier. A fey eidolon’s base form is always Small, unless altered by evolutions, and has the usual size adjustments factored into the base form.

Alternatively, a fey eidolon can be made Tiny. If the fey eidolon is Tiny, it takes a –4 penalty to its Strength and a –2 bonus to its Constitution. It also gains a +2 bonus to its Dexterity score, a +1 size bonus to its AC and attack rolls, a +2 bonus on its Fly skill checks, and a +4 bonus on its Stealth skill checks. It also takes a –1 penalty to its CMB and CMD scores. Reduce the damage of all of its attacks by one step (1d4 becomes 1d3, 1d3 becomes 1d2). If this choice is made, the eidolon can be made Tiny whenever the summoner can change the eidolon’s evolution pool (which causes it to gain these modifiers for changing from Small). This evolution costs 2 points from the fey mage’s evolution pool. The Medium evolution is described below. Increasing the fey eidolon to Large costs twice the normal evolution points. A fey eidolon cannot become Huge.

The fey eidolon is always bipedal and uses the following base form. The fey base form follows all of the normal rules for the eidolon’s base forms.

Fey Base Form (Biped)

Starting Statistics: Size Small; Speed 20 ft.; AC +2 natural armor; Saves Fort (bad), Ref (good), Will (good); Attack 2 claws (1d4); Ability Scores Str 12, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 7, Cha 11; Free Evolutions: basic magic, claws, limbs (arms), limbs (legs), low-light vision.


A fey eidolon’s abilities are determined by the fey mage’s level and by the choices made using its evolution pool. However, a fey mage equivalent summoner class level is halved (minimum 1) for the purposes of determining her fey eidolon’s abilities, Hit Dice, evolution pool, and so on. A fey eidolon also has the fey creature type and the extraplanar subtype (instead of the outsider type). As such, its statistics are changed from a standard eidolon as described below. A fey eidolon’s uses Table: Eidolon Base Statistics to determine its base statistics and possesses qualities similar to those described in the Eidolons description block of the Advanced Player’s Guide, except with the following changes.

Hit Dice: This is the total number of 6-sided (d6) Hit Dice the fey eidolon possesses. The fey eidolon’s Hit Dice are equal to 1/2 the no