Wyching Knight (Wychfiend, Magus Archetype)

Wychfiends naturally combine magic with battle tactics. However, unlike normal magi, wyching knights sacrifice spellcasting for greater battle prowess. Class FeaturesThe wyching knight has the following class features. Hit Dice

The wyching knight uses d10s to determine his hit points. This alters the magus Hit Dice. This ability, armor training 1, and armor training 2 replace 5th and 6th level spells.Order

At 1st level, a wyching knight gains the cavalier’s order ability. A wyching knight typically selects the Order of the Wychblade, but may also choose from the following orders: order of the dragon, order of the guard, order of the hammer, order of the lion, order of the scales, order of the tome. A wyching knight does not gain the listed challenge related benefits, but does gain all other benefits of his chosen order. This ability replaces spell combat, spellstrike, improved spell combat, and greater spell combat.

Hex Arcana

This is exactly like the magus arcana ability, except that the wyching knight can select any witch hex in place of a magus arcana. At 12th level, the wyching knight may select a hex or major hex in place of a magus arcana. He cannot select any hex or arcana more than once.

Spell Combat (Su)

This is exactly like the magus ability of the same name, except that the wyching knight gains this ability at 4th level. This ability replaces spell recall.


Beginning at 4th level, a wyching knight gains the ability to cast a small number of arcane spells drawn from the magus spell list. Only magus spells of 4th level or lower are considered to be part of the wyching knight spell list. He also adds the following witch spells to that list at the indicated spell levels: 

1st level–charm person, cheetah’s sprint, command, ear-piercing scream, forced quiet, hex vulnerability, hex ward, nature’s path, ray of sickening, shadow weapon, touch of combustion, transfer tattoo, unbreakable heart, undine’s curse

2nd level–blood armor, bullet ward, crimson confession, eldritch conduit, enemy’s heart, ironskin, s