God of Darkness and Tyranny (Antipaladin [Warrior of Unholy Darkness] 20/Slayer 20)

The Lord of Darkness, The Great Oppressor, The Dark Tryant

Portfolio Darkness, evil, tyranny, oppression

Typical Worshipers Fighters, clerics, inquisitors, warlords, warpriests

Typical Worshiper Alignment Lawful evil

Domains Charm, Darkness, Evil, Law, Strength, Trickery

Symbol Black hand with a silver “K” in the palm

Favored Weapon Heavy mace

Alternative Names None

Kerr (KUR) appears as a tall, very handsome, clean-shaven human male with black hair and black eyes who is forever enveloped in shadow. He is always well dressed, typically in a regal or richly sewn shirt, trousers, and polished boots of black or some other dark hue, as well as a swirling cloak and hood. 

In battle, Kerr dons black +5 dastard greater shadow unrighteous adamantine full plate