Sosa Whitehand

Goddess of Healing and Miracles (Cleric 20/Oracle 20)

The Bringer of Life, The Great Healer 

Portfolio Healing, miracles, prophecy, rebirth

Typical Worshipers Clerics, oracles, shamans, warpriests, commoners, healers

Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral Good

Domains Community, Good, Healing, Luck, Sun

Symbol Feathered serpent (couatl)

Favored Weapon Quarterstaff

Alternative Names Delgra Silvervein (dwarves), Drielanar (halflings)

Sosa (SOH-suh) Whitehand is the consort of Seker and mother of Solstriss. She appears as a beautiful young woman with long braided blonde hair, deep blue eyes, wearing white and gold robes of protection +5 that also function as a phylactery of positive channeling. Around her neck is a golden holy symbol of a couatl that duplicates the effects of a