Half-Plate of Wrath

Slot armor; Aura strong abjuration; CL 20th; Weight 45 lbs.


The Half-Plate of Wrath was crafted by the god Roth himself, and on rare occasions, he presents the armor as a gift to his most dedicated and diligent followers. Often these worshipers are fighters, barbarians, or bloodragers, but on occasion, clerics have also gained the god’s favor. Half-Plate of Wrath is always a finely forged suit of red +5 greater fire resistance medium fortification dragonsteel half-plate


While worn, the Half-Plate of Wrath grants the wearer a number of bonuses and powers. The wearer gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution, and a +2 resistance bonus to all saving throws. She also gains a +10 competence bonus on all Intimidate checks. 

The Half-Plate of Wrath also grants the following spell-like abilities.