Cannon Eidolon

Cannon eidolons are living mechanisms of shifting metallic flesh that are summoned by siege marshals from a little-known plane called the Plane of Ironworks. Like an eidolon, a cannon eidolon is subject to its siege marshal’s will and functions in all ways as an eidolon, except for the changes described hereafter.


A cannon eidolon’s abilities are determined by the siege marshal’s level and by the choices made using its evolution pool. A cannon eidolon’s qualities are similar to those described in the Eidolons description block of the Advanced Player’s Guide, except with the following changes.

Special: The following new abilities are gained by all cannon eidolons as they increase in power. Each of these bonuses is described below.

Endless Bullets (Sp): The cannon eidolon is under the constant effects of an abundant ammunition spell (see the Spells chapter of Ultimate Combat). When summoned, the firearm of a cannon eidolon comes into existence loaded. Each round thereafter, the firearm must reload its firearm using the appropriate action. A sufficient number of bullets are conjured to load the cannon eidolon’s firearm each round, and therefore it does not need to carry a supply of ammunition.

Firearm (Ex): The cannon eidolon gains a number of firearm attacks (as a natural attack) as indicated by its base form.

Slam (Ex): The cannon eidolon gains a number of slam attacks as indicated by its base form.

Rapid Reload (Ex): The cannon eidolon gains Rapid Reload as a bonus feat. This ability replaces evasion.

Gun Training (Ex): A cannon eidolon adds its Dex modifier to the damage dealt by its firearm. This ability replaces devotion.

Lightning Reload (Ex): The cannon eidolon gains the Lightning Reload deed, and is considered to have at least 1 grit point, even though it does not have the grit class feature. This ability replaces improved evasion.

Base Forms

Each cannon eidolon has one of three base forms that determine its starting statistics. A siege marshal may select from either the biped, quadruped, or serpentine base forms. Each of these forms otherwise function as those listed in the eidolon description of the Advanced Player’s Guide (see p. 60). A siege marshal cannot select the aquatic base form. A cannon eidolon gains the following alternate starting statistics according to its base form.