Quasi Deities

While not as powerful as a demigod or especially a true deity, a quasi deity is still a power to reckon with. Quasi deities are the least powerful of the divine, and the most eclectic in their nature. A quasi deity has a stat block, and can be of any CR (although the vast majority lie in the CR 21–25 range). Nascent demon lords, the malebranche, and qlippoth lords are all examples of quasi deities, as are creatures like deep one elders, conqueror worms, and green men, who have the ability to grant spells to clerics.

Mythic characters who take the divine source path ability are also quasi deities.

Quasi deities have no inborn ability to shape and alter reality by thought alone, even if they somehow gain control of a planar realm, and must rely upon their own abilities and magic to effect changes of this nature.

A quasi deity grants from one to four domains to its clerics.

The following quasi deities of the Stonehelm Campaign setting were once renowned heroes, now elevated to the lesser ranks of the divine. Despite their minor ascension, they can be found roaming and protecting the lands and kingdoms in which they had lived. They have also established hidden strongholds in remote and secretive regions of the world. Their individual statistic blocks also include their types of worshipers, domains, symbols, favored weapons, and vestment colors.