(Snow Elves)

Millennia ago, during the time of the great dispersion of the races, a small group of elves ventured Northwest into the wilderlands beyond the great vale to an isolated and snow filled range of mountains. Here in the icy peaks of the Mountains of Ice, the snow elves, know as the shalagi (sha-lah-jee) in their elven tongue, evolved into a new subrace of the elven people. These elves have remained unknown save to the human tribes of barbarians scattered throughout the mountains. Over the generations, these elves adapted to their frigid climate and learned to thrive in their deep ice caves warmed by the natural hot springs located beneath the stony surface, and allowed a small grove of underground trees to grow and flourish. 

Physical Qualities: Slightly shorter than other elves, the shalagi have thin, well trimmed bodies, stand between 4-1/2 and 5 feet tall, and weigh around 90 pounds. They possess the same grace, agility, and natural affinity to magic as their kin. Their skin is pale with a blue undertone, which gives them the appearance of ice or frost. Their eyes are always gray, and their hair is typically a pale straw color, though on occasion they have the typical golden or silvery hair of the elven race. Due to the frigid temperatures of their homeland, the shalagi wear fur lined hides, hide boots, heavy fur cloaks, and fur covered leather gloves. One feature of the snow elves that stands out are their blue facial markings, which denote an individual shalagi's status withing their tribe. 

Society: Thousands of years ago, the shalagi adapted to the harsh climate of freezing winds, icy vales, and snow capped mountains in which they found themselves. So, out of necessity, they cunningly made their homes in a series of caves and tunnels warmed by underground hot springs. They then harnessed the natural heat and humidity to grow fresh food in vast hot caves where sunlight filtered in through cracks and holes in the ceiling and reflected off the natural crystals embedded in the stone walls. In addition to the wild game of the region, and their own tenacity, they have survived the year round, bone chilling cold of the Mountains of Ice for centuries. 

The shalagi society consists of small tribal communities of 150-200 called ovogs that are established in large caverns warmed by the heat of the hot springs. They have learned to work the stone, much in the way the dwarves have, and construct family dwelling withing the very walls of the caves in which they live. Each ovog is led by a community leader called the Harad, who is chosen by the common consent of the shalagi people. Larger communities of 300-500 shalagi called strolvog also exist, and are led by a Strolrad, who is chosen from among the Harads of the 3-5 ovogs that make up the strolvog. The have also established one great city called the taervog, that is set within the Grand Cavern of Dreams, where special crystals in the stone amplify the natural clairvoyant abilities of the race. The taervog numbers over 3000 shalagi and is gov