There is a darkness outside reality, and in this darkness lie the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones. Aberrant beings of divine power, their attentions are normally and mercifully directed elsewhere. Yet even on worlds far from these monsters, there remain those who would worship them and court these strange entities. A few, chosen by forces beyond their comprehension, give birth to scions of these beings. These aberrant offspring are the starborn.

Physical Description: Starborn are similar to aasimars, tieflings, dhampirs and similar creatures, being human-born descendants of powers from beyond their world. Starborn show their aberrant heritage in many ways, the most obvious being a stray tentacle or two somewhere on their bodies. However, due to their ancestry, starborn have a near-infinite number of appearances, often with misshapen limbs, extra facial features or scrambled internal organs.

Society: While starborn are typically born to humans, the fact that their parents are often cultists of dark gods distorts their perception of the world. While often better accepted by neighbors than tieflings (since starborn births are usually intended), starborn are regarded with suspicion by most members of sane society.

Relations: Starborn are unpredictable and inscrutable, and often cannot understand other creatures. As such, their relations with other races are poor. The only race they can consistently empathize with are tieflings, particularly motherless, as the fiendish outcasts represent to them what they could have been in worse circumstances. Tieflings, in turn, often envy starborn, as the aberrant folk have a loving (if insane) family that most tieflings were never given a chance to have.

Alignment and Religion: Starborn are overwhelmingly chaotic creatures, with the vastest majority being either chaotic neutral or chaotic evil. Chaotic good starborn are less common, but the rarest of all are those of lawful alignments. The starborn are almost always raised by cultists, leading them to be devout worshippers of the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods.

Adventurers: Starborn are often sent to spread their parent's faith, and when resisted, they usually find that they like the wandering life. Starborn adventurers often favor classes that can associate them with their alien ancestors, often being barbarians, sorcerers with the aberrant bloodline, oracles with the Dark Tap