God of Law and Order (Inquisitor 20/Magus 20)

The Judge of All Things

Portfolio Law, justice, civilization, wisdom

Typical Worshipers Inquisitors, investigators, monks, judges

Typical Worshiper Alignment Lawful Neutral

Domains Charm, Community, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, Nobility

Symbol Gavel and scales of justice

Favored Weapon Warhammer

Alternative Names Yurok the Enlightened (umbrin)

Arbiter (AR-bit-ur) is the god of absolute law and order, and the deliverer of divine justice. He always appears as a large and regal man with black hair, mustache and goatee, garbed in long black and red robes decorated in lawful runes, and a holy symbol depicting a gavel and scales of justice on a heavy chain around his neck. Beneath his robes he wears a suit of black +5 heavy fortification vigilant mithral breastplate armor scribed with lawful runes of power. 

In battle, Arbiter wields a two-headed +5 axiomatic shocking burst thr