Goddess of Black Magic and Dark Rituals (Witch 20/Wizard [Necromancer] 20)

The Black Witch, The Curser of Souls, The Red Scourge

Portfolio Dark magic, necromancy, undead, curses, disease

Typical Worshipers Dark clerics, necromancers, sorcerer, witches, wizards

Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral Evil

Domains Death, Evil, Magic, Rune, Travel

Symbol Skull with a red pentagram

Favored Weapon Scorpion whip

Alternative Names Aunvalna (drow), Shiraksha (orcs) 

Arcana (ar-KAHN-uh) appears as an alluring human female. However, on closer inspection she is rather decrepit in appearance, with sunken black eyes, a pale and gaunt face, and sickly pale hair, while in her clawed hands she carries a large black leather bound tome with runes and dark arcane symbols of power. It is rumored that it has been written with the blood of sentient victims, and contains many unknown evil and vile spells that she presents as rewards to her most faithful supporters. She is always garbed in black and purple hooded robes with silver and red symbols. These robes function as robes of the archmagi, robe of bones (